Be Different

It's time to get noticed

The obvious PR choice

Unique PR Agency

Yes… you are unique.

It’s time to start shouting about your unique business story. By increasing brand reach your business will capture audience attention and market share. Tell more to sell more.

What’s the most effective way of reaching your audience? Easy…the valuable communication tool that is third party endorsement – or PR. PR offers you a cost effective solution to your communication problem. So, let’s start building that solution together and add incredible value to your brand.

PR Heard loud+clear

Are you being heard, loud and clear?

In a highly competitive marketplace, it’s more vital than ever your audience know who you are, and why they should spend with you, rather than your competitors.

What’s the best way to get them to notice you? You guessed it, PR. 

PR_Best Business Investment

PR – the best investment to grow your business.

From small acorns mighty oaks grow, and whether your budget is premium or value-driven, your business needs to maximise its sales efforts.

What’s a truly great way to boost the top line? Truly great PR. By making an investment in your public relations, not only will you see an increase in your media exposure, but your brand reputation will be richly increased too. Add to this the boost in web traffic and sales enquiries that results from us expertly issuing your PR material, and your business is firmly set on the path to increased visibility and growth.


Social Media and PR expertise – A match made in heaven.

Social Media and PR go hand in hand. By marrying the two, you can achieve consistent communication across different platforms and deliver the same message to your audience, regardless of how they connect with you.

Also, why waste time and effort coordinating the work of a separate PR and Social Media agency? Remember, we already understand your brand and are experts at creating great content across all platforms. By allowing us to handle your Social Media too, it leaves you free to do what you do best. You’re happy – we’re happy.

Fast Efficient PR Manchester North West

Small is beautiful. Choose a lean agency who runs faster.

Don’t get caught up waiting in line for the big boys. We believe you are special, and deserve one-to-one service from experienced professionals every step of the way in your PR campaigns.

We also believe fast responses and effective communication are essential for us to get along and truly excel on behalf of your brand. That’s why we always prioritise you and what you say to us, first and foremost.

All-inclusive PR Fees

All Inclusive management fees. With us, the clock never stops.

Are you tired of PR and Social Media agencies charging you for a set number of hours then giving up the ghost when your clock stops?

At Wentworth PR, there’s no such thing as the clock. We work for you until the job is done and you’re 100% happy with the results. Another way that we help ensure your money is invested well and working hard to drive sales for you 24/7.

Our model is rare – and it’s one of the key reasons so many of our clients stick with us for the long-run.